Our Initiatives – Recovery Fund

The Recovery Fund was created as our response to COVID-19 to minimize the negative impact of the pandemics on the economy, the labor market and businesses by saving jobs and organizations at risk. It is our belief that ensuring resilience of the supply chains is a key activity leading to successful restoration of the national, regional and global economy.

Through the Fund, individuals and businesses can support people and organizations who have suffered or may suffer from the pandemic: individuals, entrepreneurs, legal entities, social purpose organizations, business environment institutions or other partners of your choice. You can also support the Fund without specifying the receiving party.

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The Fund’s impact will be measured with the number of jobs and organizations saved. Donations are tax-deductible.


  • Support the fund financially
  • Help us with your professional services: legal, tax, advertising, PR and media


By financing the Recovery Fund, you can support the individuals you have specifically selected, including individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, social organizations, business environment institutions or other partners, key to running your business or key to your industry. You can also support the Fund without specifying any particular purpose. To save your time, one of the most valuable resources for entrepreneurs – in this situation in particular, we have limited the corporate commitment to signing one concise contract. Thanks to our experience in managing funds, we will do the rest ourselves so that you can focus on your business.