Our initatives – Employee Volunteering

One of the problems reported most frequently by Polish entrepreneurs, mainly by companies starting their social activities and by entities from the SME sector, accounting for 99.8% of enterprises in Poland, was the lack of clarity in the legal and tax aspects of organizing employee volunteering.

In response to the above, with a group of excellent partners and experts, the invaluable pro bono support from Dentons and the substantive and financial support from the Citi Handlowy Foundation, we created a practical document – a guide to tax and legal issues of employee volunteering. We hope it will help employers positively impact the development of their employees’ social involvement.

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We hope to have a positive impact on the level of social commitment of employers and employees who, with the consent or organizational and financial support of employers, through employee volunteering programs, will use their time, skills, competences, contacts and image to support social purpose organizations operating in Poland.

Impact in numbers:

  • over 4 million entities conduct business activity in Poland
  • over 5 million employees registered in Poland
  • almost 140,000 non-profit organizations registered in Poland


  • Share this free guide with your network
  • Initiate employee volunteering program in your company
  • Ask your employer to create this opportunity for you and your colleagues


Your engagement will significantly influence the development of corporate philanthropy and social engagement in Central and Eastern Europe and help us facilitate more informed, intentional and impactful giving in the region. Supporting such initiatives can become a unique opportunity for you and your company to support truly valuable social programs and build an image of a socially committed brand which is what attracts talents and investors. Let’s promote the idea of strategic corporate engagement in Central & Eastern Europe together!