Our Initiatives – Edu 1.0

EDU 1.0 Social Impact Fund is a response to the pressing social and economic challenge in the form of a constantly increasing competence gap in the job market. We need students to make educational and professional choices with the awareness of their strengths and the needs of their future employers. Quality of career counseling services provided in schools should be improved, while increasing the prestige of the counseling profession and raising awareness of counseling among students and their parents.

EDU 1.0 was built for Poland but it can be easily replicable to other CEE markets. It is contributing to SDG 4 (quality education) and SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth).

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The social impact of the Fund is assessed by the number of career counselors providing high-quality counseling services to students and their parents, and the number of students making career choices in line with their predispositions and the needs of the labor market.


  • Invest in the Fund financially
  • Support the Fund with your professional services in the area of advertising, PR and media


Key benefits for business from participation in the project are both the provision of future staff educated in profiles consistent with their business needs and the reduction of recruitment costs. Socially wise use of the marketing or HR budget should also be appreciated by the local community and clients who, according to the recent research, expect such involvement from business. The fund is implemented in the formula of Social Impact Funds, appreciated by the United Nations.


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