Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) is pleased to announce the completion of its research work in 11 countries of the CEE region: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and, supplementary, Ukraine. The findings of this unique and extensive study, conducted from 2020 to 2023 in collaboration with key stakeholders and decision-makers across the CEE region, will be summarized in the form of a comprehensive analysis “Unlocking Private Capital for Social Good in Central & Eastern Europe,” scheduled for publication this Fall.


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    The announcement of the report and pre-premiere results of this four-year endeavor were presented on June 29, 2023 during the 11th International Research Conference of the European Research Network On Philanthropy (ERNOP) held in Zagreb, Croatia by Anna Korzeniewska, the Founder of Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe, and Konrad Siwiński, Head of Research.


    The report aims to shed light on the barriers that hinder greater social engagement of businesses, investors and individuals in the CEE region. Committed donors, strong and independent civil society organizations, and supportive legislation are essential to building a resilient social impact ecosystem to tackle social and environmental challenges effectively. The region’s steady economic growth since the 90s laid a good ground for changes.


    By examining tax and legal aspects and other challenges faced by corporate and individual donors, the think tank seeks to provide valuable insights and recommendations. What motivates capital providers (businesses, investment funds) to transfer funds and skills to impact providers? What is blocking them? Are the ecosystem builders (public administration, academia) offering supportive legislation and incentivizing taxation? Is there a pipeline of experts in this field? Are impact providers (nonprofits, social enterprises, startups) ready to come up with a good offer and, with time, become financially self-sustainable? And finally, are they all willing to cooperate with each other?


    In-depth research in 11 countries


    The initiative has been conducted in close partnership with key stakeholders from private, public and social sectors in each of the 11 countries, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive perspective.


    Over the course of the study, Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe conducted in-depth research, including 7,600 quantitative interviews (2020, 2022, 2023) and over 250 expert interviews with representatives from various sectors across 11 countries that were examined, i.e., Poland (2021); Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia (2022); Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania (2023). Due to the situation in neighboring Ukraine and the global interest in it, quantitative research was extended to this country.


    The report, offering actionable insights to drive positive social impact across the region, will be prepared from 3 perspectives:

    • Country perspective (11 CEE countries plus Ukraine)
    • Target group perspective (Investors, Business, Academia, Public Administration, etc.)
    • Knowledge area perspective (SDGs, access to finance, etc.)


    “We are excited to announce the forthcoming publication of our comprehensive analysis on unlocking private capital for social good in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Anna Korzeniewska, Founder of Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe. “I hope this report will serve as a reference point and a valuable source of information to decision-makers and everyone who wants to positively impact the region – philanthropists, businesses, investors, nonprofits, public administration, and academia.”


    The official premiere of the report is coming this Fall


    The official premiere of the report is scheduled for Fall 2023. It will be accompanied by a press conference in Brussels and a launch event in one of the CEE countries, gathering key regional, European and global stakeholders from private, public and social sectors.


    Growing such a deep understanding of the needs of the region would not be possible without:

    • who funded our research work in 2022-2023 and helped us extend its geographical scope from four (4) to eleven (11) countries of Central and Eastern Europe;
    • Dentons law firm who provided pro bono tax and legal support and ensured a pro bono cooperation with respected law firms in CEE countries where they do not have offices;
    • Kantar who collected the field data for our further analysis;
    • Strategic country partners who provided valuable insights on national social impact ecosystems.


    While the full conclusions of the report are yet to be disclosed, Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe invites everyone interested in the region to explore studies on the general public and national expert studies with key stakeholders, available free of charge at our Knowledge Base.


    We also invite you to read our Impact Report.


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