Our initatives – Calculator

Calculator for Philanthropists was created in order to encourage philanthropists to plan their giving, among which, apart from time and knowledge, are also financial resources. This is a free online financial tool, available to everyone who wants to calculate the amount of the donation that will give them the maximum tax relief. The calculator operates under Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian tax law. The online tool is supplemented with a Q&A section on tax and law issues concerning philanthropic spendings, available in local languages for all the above mentioned countries. The Calculator was among the initiatives presented at the international event Global Goals Week 2019.

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The social impact of this project is demonstrated by the number of people reached with the issue of planning philanthropic expenses against taxes. We measure them by the number of unique users of the tool and the number of media mentions that bring the issue of tax relief closer to philanthropists.


  • Help us with your professional services: tax, legal, advertising, PR and media
  • Support the calculator maintenance and updates financially


Thanks to the involvement in this project, you can co-create the first tool of this kind for individual and corporate philanthropists and support our work on developing tax incentives for donors in our region. For business, it can be a unique opportunity to build your image of a socially engaged brand. Let’s promote the idea of strategic philanthropy in Central & Eastern Europe together.