Our initatives – Philanthropy and CSR in CEE

In order to positively influence the CEE social impact ecosystem in which corporate and individual donors operate, we need to first understand what stands in their way to a greater social engagement. What barriers do they face, including tax and legal aspects? What are the potential incentives that could positively impact their engagement? The process of mapping them and, ultimately,  positively influencing the national ecosystems is a key objective of this initiative, carried out in partnership with key actors and decision makers in each country, mostly umbrella organizations for family businesses and SMEs, nonprofits, academic institutions, and national and international organizations supporting social engagement in the region.

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By the middle of 2023, we hope to provide key actors and decision makers in all of the 11 countries we operate in: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia with a powerful tool that will enable them to strengthen their national impact ecosystem and facilitate more informed, intentional, and impactful giving – knowledge and a consistent view of the problems which corporate and individual donors in their country face. Once the barriers are reduced, the donors’ increased engagement will bring a unique value for society – consumers, employees, voters, and investors. Our additional goal is to connect organizations of similar profiles that do a similar work in individual countries of the region in order to strengthen their international cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience.


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