It’s about the change

Philanthropy is not about the money. It’s about the change.

Central & Eastern Europe has continued to develop economically and is considered to be a stable region for business. Nonetheless, it is facing enormous social challenges such as aging society, ecological issues and competence gap.

The potential of the ones who provide private capital to social investments – the philanthropists – is huge. However, it is not fully reached for a few crucial reasons. Public, private and social sectors do not cooperate effectively with each other; philanthropists and corporate social investors are trying to solve social issues responsively rather than strategically, without measuring their impact; finally, social purpose organizations, foundations and associations, are not standardized and rarely report the results of their undertakings.

We believe in a power of philanthropy in addressing social issues. In order to address them effectively, philanthropists need to become provided with quality education, tools, research and professional services. This is what Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe was created for. Alliance is a key word – we need to work together (individuals, companies, experts, social and public sector) in order to truly, positively affect the reality that surrounds us. And we believe that there are more and more of us – people who really want to make a difference.