For philantropists

Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe supports individual and corporate philanthropists on many levels in order to make giving easier, more strategic and, most importantly, lead to real social changes.

We educate and provide practical tools to philanthropists to ensure that their support – in the form of money, time and knowledge – is not only based on emotions but also well thought out and justified. By spreading knowledge in the field of philanthropy, we build awareness of wise planning and giving in Central and Eastern Europe.

In cooperation with qualified experts in the fields of finance, tax, and law, we create special purpose social funds dedicated to addressing the Region’s social needs. These funds, collected from strategic philanthropists, both individual and corporate, help achieve real, measurable social changes.

We also provide philanthropists with advisory services. With our qualified team of external and internal experts we build smart, tailor-made aid strategies for individuals and corporations.



Goal: to raise awareness of the relationship between philanthropy and potential tax benefits; to provide practical tools.



Goal: to provide philanthropists with high-quality education from local markets and from outside Central & Eastern Europe, primarily the USA.



Goal: to promote strategic philanthropy and social investment among individual and corporate philanthropists.


  1. We cooperate with a research institution to identify social needs in the CEE region and select the key ones.
  2. We develop strategies and projects to satisfy the diagnosed social needs. We determine goals, measures of success, budgets, activity schedules, and resources necessary for implementation.
  3. We create dedicated social funds. The funds are managed by Social Impact Alliance for CEE.
  4. We present the projects to selected social investors, who join forces (funding, competences, and time) to strategically solve specific social problems.
  5. We select social partners who are experts in a given social field and sign agreements with those approved by the investment committee. We support them in the implementation process and control the progress of works. We are responsible for the ROI specified for a given social fund.
  6. We report the effects to the social investors throughout the entire process and after its completion.


Analysis – Advisory – Support in implementation

Philanthropy is a demanding and time consuming domain. Especially if we expect our support to have a real impact on social change – to become a form of social investment. Many individuals operating in this field claim that it is easier for them to earn money than to wisely use it for social purposes.

There is no single universal solution. Every donor is different with their own motivations, expectations, and goals that should be respected. There are also numerous forms of philanthropy.

It is important to understand and combine them wisely, based on the best global practices, using models proven in business.

This is the focus of our experts. Thanks to years of experience and excellent knowledge of the needs, capabilities, and expectations of both social organizations and individual markets, they are capable of conducting reliable analyses and recommending effective solutions. Our operation is based on research – our own or conducted by partner institutions. We ensure privacy.